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Creating with needle felting

Akira project - sculpting a cat out of wool

Akira was a charming cat, which was loved deeply by her owner. Being her owner one of my most beloved best friends, I decided to create a present for her birthday, a mini-Akira who could make her some company. So, I started this needle felting project by Akira’s face and using whitewashed Roscommon wool from Ireland, which is extremely light, soft and lovely to touch. I bought this from the Crafts of Ireland website. It has a lovely quality. These Roscommon sheep had in their pedigree a mix of Leicester Longwool, Merino and Southdown blood. I had to comb it because It was not carded, but you can do this with two carding combs.

This project also used Merino died wool from the Crafty Jam company (pink, brown and grey) from the UK, which I bought earlier, and it is also very soft and fluffy. In addition, I used wool scissors, felting needles and glass eyes, which also came from a started kit I bought from the Crafty Jam.

I endeavoured to replicate Akira's unique face and capture her distinctive charismatic features. After I attained the shape that I was aiming for using the white wool. I proceed to add the dyed wool tones using as a basis Akira’s pics. I sought to give a charming almost Siamese look in her glass eyes.

Finally, I decided to add her a collar using a brown leather thong and red sticky bids. I also varnish a small wooden disk and I stick it to the bottom of Akira using a silicon pistol. All these items I obtained from the Vibes and Scribes website in Ireland. I also added some Whiskas with a transparent fishing line and silicon glue as well. The fishing line was obtained from Amazon.

Finally, Akira looked like this:

Akira, no doubt, would have been intrigued by her replica.

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