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Plaster of Paris - Cat desktop organiser

I follow @danymartines on Instagram because I like her creativity, the designs and the world that she can create using cardboard, paper, fabric, stickers, a silicon gun, etc. She has a lovely website named Eu Criando where she presents lovely ideas. On this website, you can download for free moulds and templates to create these ideas. One that I loved was a cat desktop organiser made from cardboard and colour paper. I thought I would like to make one for myself, but I would like to make it from a more resistant material.

I started to research, how could I make one made from clay or plaster. I came across plaster of Paris and I decided to give it a try. I bought some roles from Vibes and Scribes. I downloaded the moulds from the Eu Criando website and printed them. I used a piece of cardboard that I had to pass the moulds from paper to cardboard.

After I had the moulds passed to cardboard and I cut each piece, I started to dress the carboard with the sheets of Plaster of Paris (these were passed through water to be able to bend them and work with them). I used the same plaster of Paris sheets to join the cardboard pieces together.

The cat desktop organiser looked as follows, once all pieces were joined together:

Once it dried for a week, I varnish it, I wait 1 week more and I started to paint it with acrylics. I finally used permanent markers to draw the cat face and I decided to varnish it again. The final product looks as follows:

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